VsoftSystems provides end-to-end product development services to various clients, from start-ups to established enterprises, across different industries. We use proven agile methodology to accelerate the development cycle of products from architecture to implementation and deployment.


Messaging E-Portal Solution

VSOFT systems has become SA’s leading interactive automated messaging provider. VSOFT systems is known to be the only messaging provider with a platform that sends messaging across any channel including, but not limited to:

VSOFTsystems has developed a unique system that specialises in e-billing and the delivery of documents, statements and advertising to client visa SMS or MMS. The end user receives the e-mail with the same look and feel of the original paper document, together with value added functionality that is absent in the paper-based version.

Our innovative and client centred approach coupled with our new market innovative approach we have positioned itself as a market leader in electronic document generation, delivery and management company.

VSOFTsystems was borne out of niche market spectrum which required an IT solution based business which per our clients needed to be quick and response to the fast pace of the IT world. With the problems and the deterioration of the postal delivery services we looked at options at meeting this need by our clients to communicate with their clients in a new and real time environment. An added challenges was that due to density of population and no easy way to confirm delivery of documents, a means of client communication had to be found and we have found with the increased density of clients footprints via cellphone and internet the new world of e billing and e documents was born which was a fraction of the printed costs. We offer a flexible and proven e-billing solution that is customised to each company's specific requirements.

Our systems are such that the recipient receives their documents electronically with the same "look and feel" as the original paper-based document, together with value added functionality that the paper-based document did not have.

This technologically advanced and easy-to-use system sends documentation such as invoices, statements, payslips, reports and notifications, securely by e-mail, and sends transaction-based information via SMS. Our generation system is tightly integrated with a user-friendly Tracking and Management System, which makes it easy to manage electronically stored documents. Monitoring bounced e-mail and resending undelivered documents is both quick and convenient.

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