Hacker Detect, Isolate & Trace

What is VSOFT Detect, Isolate & Trace?

  • Fundamentally, VSOFT Detect, Isolate & Trace is a cyber security vendor. What sets it apart, however, is its innovative use of AI or, more specifically, machine learning.

  • At the core of all its products is VSOFT Detect. Isolate & Trace's Organization Detect & Neutralize System, an unsupervised machine learning technology and probabilistic mathematics. What this means in practice is that the software learns from the experience of analyzing vast amounts of data by itself, without human intervention, and can adapt to a business's changing needs. It can also use probabilistic mathematics to determine how likely an attack is.

  • One of the products takes this a step further, releasing 'antigens' in the same way the immune system in a living organism does to slow and repel the attack.

  • The organisation has also added specialized products focused specifically on cloud, primary defence (such as security information and event management, or SIEM), virtualized environments and industrial control systems.

  • In short, VSOFT Detect, Isolate & Trace is a company focused solely on the enterprise, with apparently no intention of heading into the consumer space.

Key Features of the System

  • Adaptive – evolves with your organization

  • Self-learning – constantly refines its understanding of normal

  • Probabilistic – works out likelihood of serious threat

  • Real-time – spots threats as they emerge

  • Works from day one – delivers instant value

  • Low false positives – correlation of weak indicators

  • Data agnostic – ingests all data sources

Detection of Human Behavior Deviation Core Elements of the System

VSOFTsystems detects subtle shifts in behaviors, such as the way someone is using technology, a machine’s data access patterns, or trends in communications, threatening events, such as the theft of a user’s credentials, a compromised device, or the actions of a disaffected or negligent employee.