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The VSOFT solution best fits the specific needs and technical requirements of the Mining Industry and addresses the tedious, time consuming, and costly inefficiencies that comes with using different Software and hardware processes that do not talk to each other.

The VSOFT ERP Solution efficiently integrates existing internal mining operations using customized expert software systems that help you grow your business. It offers a futuristic 360 degrees view of all operations with real time data 3D display, with mine business intelligence, using specialised analytic tools and customise reports critical for efficiently managing and expanding mining operations.

Engineers are able to see and monitor equipment vitals at any point in a shift. The predictive nature of the algorithms flag imminent failures.

Hold all your solutions in the palm of your hand using our unique tool. Use the power of the VSOFT ERP Solution on smart phones and tablets. This is a service management app for service professionals to automate their workflows. This solution includes a native mobile app and facilitates up and downstream data propagation from control room to field and vice versa. actions performed on the mobile application are relayed in the larger application itself and similarly operators and all users are linked to up to date information relating to their area of concern. The app also HR related information such as employee details and leave balances.

VSOFT Mining Solution provides a Real time accurate and complete easy tracking of management responsibilities. The system monitors and relays data on key elements such as workers safety, the mine environment and then self-generates Report Scores that summarizes key information and ensures safety, operations etc. This enables real-time performance feedback at the end of a customized period � at an operator and crew level.

The VSOFT integration solution allows you to combine a series of Internet networking devices( IOT) and share data in real time from different systems across different locations. It comes with an array of native interfaces and is, in fact, an excellent standalone system that allows you to connect to plant equipment, access control systems, and various software applications and beyond.
If your coffee machine produces data, VSOFT can talk to it!

The system integrates algorithms from key mining equipment and operations data collected underground or at the mining face � allowing personnel to get alerts on performance. A worker gets a detailed report, as well as his team rank, as he leaves work through a 3D interface using 3D Technology. The system also sends real-time operational metrics such as temperature, vibration, load factors, oil analysis and more to predict by using monitoring algorithms